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About us


If you want to minimize the risk from your exploration project, then get the right geophysical support. We offer field data acquisition with state-of-the-art equipment, speed of field work, high quality data obtained after processing, analysis and interpretation with specialized software packages. All this will be provided by highly professional staff with many years of experience in the fields of geophysics and geology acquired in Serbia and abroad.

Surveying to solve a wide range of geological and environmental problems:

  1. ERT Electrical Resistivity Tomography
  2. High resolution reflective seismic, refractive seismic
  3. Seismic tomography, MASW (Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves), SASW (Spectral Analysis of Surface Waves)
  4. Combined geophysical survey

The company's activities include:

  • Designing
  • Field acquisition
  • Processing and interpretation of results
  • Creation of Reports, Elaborations, Studies


Geophysical surveys

Geophysical data result from measurements of physical properties. Obtained data can be successfully used for wide range types of requirements: environmental assessment and environmental research project; petroleum and natural gas, mineral and groundwater exploration, for ecological and engineering-geological requirements.


Interpretation of geophysical data

The interpretation of geophysical data in terms of geologic causes requires an unbiased mind that is prepared to accept the data at face value and to make those assumptions about the causes that the observed effects seem to require, whether these assumptions are consistent with geology as known or not. It is a long and arduous journey from observed physical effects to geological causes.



Designing exploration projects and interpreting geophysical data is optimizing logistical conditions and finding the appropriate balance between available budgets, time and desired results. We provide consultation in all phases of research (design, acquisition, processing and interpretation of geophysical data).


Our team

The owner of the company is Dušan Brstina, a graduate engineer in geology - field of applied geophysics (40 years of experience in geophysics). Consultant Dr. Milenko Burazer (more than 40 years of experience). If necessary, the company hires external highly professional associates from various fields of geophysical survey.